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Thursday, 31.08.2017

We pack our additional small Quechua tent (why do we always have to think about the folding technique? surprised) and all other stuff and start our travel to Montenegro. I guess we make some detours, but at 8 p.m. we arrive at the Olive Garden Camp in Stari Bar, Montenegro. The route to Stari Bar is quite long, as the border controls of Bosnia are very very slow and the way through the mountains of Bosnia and Montenegro are quite curvy. But the landscape is really amazing and we enjoy the beautiful views. We meet cows, goats and sheeps on the streets, but we also see a lot of wildfire (but also firefighting planes). Some forests are completely burnt down and the soil is carbonized. It is horrible to see, how close the wildfires have been to houses and villages.


The Olive Garden Camp in Stari Bar pittily is not suitable for a VW bus with an awning. Nevertheless we spent a night there and get a nice dinner (bread, ham, cheese, olives and tomatoes) from the lovely owners, because we are extremly hungry. We enjoy the evening with some red wine.

Friday, 01.09.2017

In the internet we find a suitable camp ground in Utjeha, the Camp Oliva. It is a familial, lovely, small camp ground near to the sea. Olive trees give shade, there is power supply and WLAN, the sanitary facilities are very clean and are cleaned up permanently. The night costs 15 Euro for both of us, inclusive car, awning, power and WLAN. Before we build up our awning, we enjoy a breakfast in a near cozy restaurant at the beach. There we find beautiful handmade baskets and other crafts as souvenirs. After that we quickly build up the awning as we are already experienced now and then we relax the rest of the day. We are on holiday!



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